We are thinking of developing a kind of Tinder for houseplants: Pinder. There are so many types of houseplants that many plant lovers can no longer see the wood for the trees. How chill would it be if you could just swipe until you have found your match made in plantheaven? But Pinder is not here yet, so in the meantime, we have made a list of 10 species of houseplants that are essential to your Urban Jungle. So you can go on for a while! Psstt… this article is for those daft plant bosses.

1. Large houseplants
Size does matter. Large houseplants are not only very beautiful, they are also fun to use as room dividers! A large houseplant can make a real statement and easily divide your home or bedroom into two spaces.

Large houseplants

2. Hanging plants
Hanging out with today’s loitering youth? Hang crazy boys Willy Warblad, Faber He-Yo or Bas Blad in the air as stardust and these hanging plants will humidify many a woman.

Hanging Plants

3. Stock houseplants
Stock houseplants are like cowboys from the Wild West. Real mourners who can take a beating. They are fearless and will stop at nothing. A tough eye catcher in your Urban Jungle!