Our Dotan the Olea (Olive Tree) prefers to stand in the sunlight all day with its leaves. A place in the full sun is therefore an absolute must for this Mediterranean amigo. Make sure that it is in a place with little wind. The wind can damage the leaves, which will eventually fall off, something we do not want.

Dotan is a thirsty guy. His potting soil should therefore always be slightly moist. Does the potting soil dry up? Then you will hardly be able to moisten it again because of the thick clay soil. So it is very important that you water Dotan regularly. Too little water also causes leaf fall. Spraying is not necessary. Dotan is used to a Mediterranean climate and humidity is not high there either. It can even be harmful because the water on the leaves can get burnt by the bright sunlight.

Olive trees are only hardy to a limited extent. They can endure an outside temperature of -5 °C, provided that you wrap the plant in a climate blanket! Dotan is a tough guy, but he definitely doesn’t have the Wim Hof genes. He therefore prefers to be given a spot indoors when freezing temperatures are lurking.