We have been waiting patiently for it to finally get a bit warmer throughout the autumn, but spring is finally here. Plantsome hereby declares the cutting season… opened! This is the period in which your soon-to-be-croplings can grow best in water or in soil. Are you already stressed about the cuttings because you don’t know how to start? Don’t panic! Here is everything you need to know about taking cuttings.

What you need to know first

You can only take cuttings in spring or summer. Otherwise, the chances of your plant babies surviving are too slim. In the warmer periods plants are in the middle of their growth spurt, so the roots of your cuttings will grow and root better.

Every plant species has its own way of taking cuttings. So check the cutting preferences of your amigo first. We have listed the most common types of cuttings for you. It’s easy.

Air roots

Maybe you have seen them before, little lumps on the stems of your plants like the Monstera or Epipremnum. These guys have air roots which get their nutrients from the air. These air roots are super easy to take cuttings from. You cut off a stem just before the air root and plant it in the soil. But you can also let the cuttings root on water first. This video shows you how to take cuttings in water!