Relax in Europe – Things To Do on a Sailing Holiday

Time flies by, especially when having fun, including a well deserved vacation. When sailing, activities abound on board that make each moment count. What are some relaxing things to do offshore?

Sightseeing of coastlines from one harbor to another

Being on the sea provides a different perspective and appreciation of landscapes. In Europe, the Cornish Coast in England, the Brittany Coast in France, the Hvar shores in Croatia, and the cliffs of Caldera in Greece are among the breathtaking views. Island hopping is also a reason to go sailing, for it allows passengers to see exotic places and to take pictures as mementos of their brief stay.

Sun/Moon bathing and sky gazing

Sun bathingThe ship’s deck is used not only for sightseeing, but also for basking under the sun to tan or darken fair complexion. Some people prefer moon bathing as it is more soothing and pleasant due to limited exposure to the sun’s radiation. Such bathing is coupled with sky gazing that inspires childlike wonder. The night sky ushers in star gazing that can make the moment romantic for lovers or a time for introspection.

Engaging in Recreational Water Sports

For those who like to stay active during their sailing holiday, a number of aquatic sports may keep them preoccupied. These include swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, kayaking, and kite surfing, among others. Doing sports contributes to mental alertness, physical stamina, and normal vital signs (i.e. breathing rate, temperature, heartbeat, and blood pressure).


Though some consider it a sport, fishing is a favorite pastime of boating enthusiasts. People on a sailing holiday can find many fishing spots in Europe. These include Italy (Sardinia), Spain (Catalonia, Canary Islands), Portugal (Azores), France (Martigues), Greece (Crete, Aegean Sea), and England (Cornwall).

Learning how to sail

Those who want to acquire a new skill may learn basic sailing techniques from the skipper. A ship captain may give guests a chance to know about wind direction, accurate steering, and sail trimming. Other lessons may involve identifying the different parts of the watercraft.