Gambling And Sailing – An Age Old Tradition

Gambling And SailingIt’s not for the faint hearted, but a sailing holiday can be one of the most exciting experiences of one’s lofe

With the rush of the sea winds and the spray hitting your face, there is never a dull moment. A sailing holiday is not relaxing in the traditional sense of the word as there is work to do on deck and below deck at all times.

You are part of a crew for a reason; to make sure that the vessel gets you from port A to port B in one piece.

Many of the world’s best sailing destinations are tied in with casinos. Take Malta, for example, or St Tropez in France with the nearby casino in Montecarlo, which is found in the principality of Monaco. Sydney and Hobart are two other big sailing destinations and these cites are also furnished with plenty of casinos to have a flutter and enjoy a game or two. After a hard slog. going to a casino is a great way to unwind and relax. For those that are a too beat to get out of their bunks, then you can always use your tablet or mobile phone to log into for a flutter online.

These days, the experience offered by virtual casinos are incredible. You can play live dealer games such as roulette or poker from the comfort of your bunk, or above deck if you just want to soak up the post-sailing atmosphere. One of the best things about gambling online is that you do not get distracted by the music or the temptation of alcohol which can cloud your judgment.

Sailing and gambling have a long history. In times gone by, pirates used to gamble away their loot and plunder in the many gambling dens that proliferated in port towns. These days, you will not be risking your life if you fancy a bet or two as casinos, and of course online casinos, do not attract sword wielding seadogs.