A Fun Ocean Ride – Enjoy a Sailing Holiday in Europe!

sailing-2Travelling alone or with friends and family is a must for anyone who works hard or who simply wants a brief change of scenery and routine. For those who wish to have a memorable getaway, experiencing a sailing holiday in Europe is certainly tempting.

On this site, you will find information about sailing holiday trips in Europe, what to bring for the journey, things to do during the voyage, and sailing techniques, among others.

What is a Sailing Holiday?

A sailing tour makes a good getaway alternative to land-based excursions. It can last for a short span of 2-3 days or up to a month. A well-designed boat, ship or yacht is used as both transportation and accommodation for a small group of people while they enjoy the fresh air and cruise pristine waters.

Going on a sail requires not just wind power, a fully-equipped watercraft, and a programme to explore maritime and island wonders. It also needs the company of competent crew. Among these are a skipper (or the captain), first and second mates, and cooks who can help passengers feel safe, secure, and satisfied while aboard.

Sailing Trips in Europe

Europe is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Arctic Ocean. This continent occupies around 6.8% of the Earth’s land mass and shelters almost 50 sovereign countries. Its natural borders near Asia consist of the Turkish Straits, the Ural River, the Caspian Sea, and the Black Sea.

Adventures in Europe aboard a sailing vessel are known to happen in several key areas. These include off-the-coast navigation near Great Britain (Cornwall, Normandy, Isles of Scilly), Ireland (Cork, Waterford, Kinsale), France (Brittany, Burgundy), Croatia (Split, Dubrovnik), Montenegro (Tivat, Kotor, Budva), Greece (Athens, Mykonos, Santorini), and several other captivating destinations.