What to Pack for a Sailing Trip (For Her)

What to Pack for a Sailing Trip (For Her)

Are you looking forward to a relaxed trip, lazing in the sun as you cruise the crystal clear waters? A sailing trip is a luxurious way to spend a vacation, spending your More »

A Fun Ocean Ride - Enjoy a Sailing Holiday in Europe!

Travelling alone or with friends and family is a must for anyone who works hard or who simply wants a brief change of scenery and routine. For those who wish to have a memorable getaway, experiencing a sailing holiday in Europe is certainly tempting More
  • Sailing Tips for Beginners

    • The first skill you need is to be able to tell which way the wind is blowing. Some people find this a little difficult at first, while others pick it up quickly. Once you get used to identifying the wind direction, you will find it starts to come more naturally. The boat will always have a way to tell the direction of the wind More »
  • The Best Sailing Trips

    • Also referred to as the 'Spice Islands', the Grenadines are a group of 32 islands spread out across 60 miles in Caribbean. The Caribbean is in the West Indies and is full of beautiful white beaches and friendly locals. The sea conditions are ideal for sailing, which has made the Grenadines More »